YW-762/762J/762F Intelligent Digital Tachometer

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· Four contact accessories replaceable (YW-762/YW-762J) · Multiple measurement modes · Data memory function · Numerical lock(HOLD) · Screen backlight · Automatic range · Automatic shutdown · Battery power tips


YW-762 series of instruments are used to measure rotational speed, line speed and flicker frequency of light source, and can be used in industry, automobile, electronics, textile and paper making.

YW-762 series of instruments has three models: YW-762, YW-762F and YW-762J. The YW-762F is photoelectric non-contact measurement, the instrument does not need to contact the object to be tested; the YW-762J is contact measurement, there are four kinds of contact accessories can be replaced, as long as the appropriate accessories can be installed when measuring; YW-762 includes two measurement methods.

YW-762 series of instruments has the function of automatically saving the current measured value, maximum value and minimum value. The function can protect the data when the instrument is shut down because of too low power or accidental power failure.

YW-762 series of instruments have strong anti-interference ability, the measurement results are not subject to external electromagnetic interference. Besides, YW-762 series of instruments also supports backlight display, which can read clearly even in dark environment.


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